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Look Out For A Real Life Santa That'll Deliver Books For FREE On The Streets Of Delhi!

Bookish Santa has an amazing concept that they’d like to introduce to you guys and it’s going to get you guys very very excited because all your childhood dreams are about to come true! 

We all dreamed about Santa when we were little right? Well Bookish Santa is going to bring to life the Santa you’ve been waiting for since childhood. But you gotta play a little role in this too. 

All that you guys gotta do is check out Bookish Santa’s latest Instagram post here and tag all your Bibliophile buddies and post this particular story on your timeline with the tag #SantaIsReal! Once they reach 1,000 followers on Instagram, everyday a real Santa will fight the odds of the weather and head out on the streets of Delhi distributing books to book lovers for free! 

P.S. - If you’re not from the capital city, don’t feel sad because they’re soon going to have Santas roaming around in other cities too! 

Check out their Instagram handle for further deets guys and get posting! 

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