The King's have arrived at the Capital, and they’re here to stay! Marching all the way from the Goan sea, after taking a pitstop at Mumbai, they’ve finally reached Delhi and how!!

We'll stop beating around the bush and cut right to the chase. There's no need to head on over to Goa to have King's Beer y'all, as our very own Pebble Street in CP is serving this heady poison now. YAY!

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Critical Info | Pebble Street is serving a pint of King's for 235 bucks, which is slightly more than what you would get it for in Goa, but hey, we're saving you the trip and that's not even the best part. On Mondays & Tuesdays they’ve got Happy Hours where you’ll get a pint of King's for just 99 bucks and on Wednesday’s between 12:30 - 8 PM, chug down 1+1 on King's! 

King's is more than just a light beer, it’s an open state of mind to get into the Goa mood! It’s the thought about this beer that transports you straight to the beach and that chilling atmosphere, and now you can cherish the same here in Delhi so head on over and get your taste of Goa right away! 

Location | 61-62, 1st Floor, Outer Circle, N Block,Connaught Place