Dilli Glutton

Wow! Momo Just Introduced Prawn Momos & We're Scampering Over For A Plateful NOW

Momos are something we all love totally, and add prawns to the mix and it feels like a win win situation for our tummies! Wow! Momo just introduced their Prawn Momos and we just cannot wait to dig into them! 

Momo - Haven | Wow! Momo has outlets all over the country and is definitely a brand loved by all. And to shower us with some love, they’ve introduced Prawn Momos to their menu! Other than that they’ve also got the beloved-by-all Schezwan Momos, Chicken and Cheese Pan Fried Momos, the divine Moburg and lots more to check out.  

Whether you want ‘em fried, tossed in schezwan sauce or even pan fried, everything is up for bites! 

Go ahead and give this scrumptious prawn dish a shot because trust us, it’s totally worth it! <3 

Meal For Two | Rs 350 
Where | Wow! Momo - HKV, Karol Bagh, Satya Niketan & Other Outlets
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/WowMomos/