A cookhouse, banquet and brewhouse rolled into a grand entity, World Art Dining is a premium destination for fine dining, luxury banqueting and discovering exotic global cuisines accompanied by a blend of remarkable beverages.

The World Art Cookhouse | Chefs recreating international cuisines to appease your palate, interactive kitchens, live cooking, wrapping sushi and a plethora of other fun prandial activities is why the cookhouse is a true delight to your taste buds and your eyes! Another reason to enjoy the cookhouse is their lavish Sunday brunch and decadent desserts.

The World Art Brewhouse | For soothing sufi nights, rocking gig nights and rip roaring stand up comedy sessions, the Brewhouse brings out the best of all experiences coupled with exotic blends and beverages!

The World Art Celebrations | Combining all the perks of the cookhouse and brewhouse, from live music to top dog chefs whipping up delicacies, celebrating any occasion at the banquet just makes it an experience to remember.

Being one destination for multiple occasions, we swear by World Art Dining's service, exquisite decor and premium dining experience!

Where It's Located | 1, North West Avenue, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh