Rounding up fabulous artists from all walks of life, the Wonder Women Week is an 8-day crazy celebration of womanhood, feminine energy and empowerment and we’re looking forward to the fantastic show - Dancing Goddesses, that's happening on the 4th! Up for some girl power?

So tomorrow, a few talented dancers are taking the stage and you can expect a medley of styles like Hip hop, Contemporary, Belly dancing, Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Chhau. So awesome!

The performances scheduled to take place are by Meher Malik, The Banjarans (popular belly dancing academy), Neha Sharma (Sadhya), Manisha Agarwal, Raveena Singh, Tanya Saxena, Garima Arya and Sparx (dance society, Gargi College).

This event is an initiative by Event Quotient and Tapaswini Nav Sadhna with a goal to empower women so be present and witness a fiery dance show! 

Where | Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Pyarelal Bhawan Auditorium, Vikram Nagar
When | 4th March
Timings | 4 - 7 PM
Call For Entry Passes | +91 9717 250 774