So Delhi

Woah! A 109 MILLION Passenger Capacity, Expansion Of Terminals & A New Runway @ Delhi Airport

There’s an all new updated masterplan for the IGI airport in Delhi and it is said that this new plan envisages increasing the passenger handling capacity to 109.33 million passengers per annum! WOAH! 

Developmental work will be carried out for various parts of the airport namely, expansion of Terminal 1 and 3 and building of an all new Terminal 4 and a new runway too! 

All this is said to be done in the time period between 2017 to 2034. Though that is a long time, we’re totally looking forward to the upgrade! The developmental works in plan would also include inhouse factors based on traffic triggers, optimum utilisation of capital expenditure and other things. 

Lets see how all this pans out now! 

Sourced Via Economic Times