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Witness Winston Balman & The Prophets of Rock Perform Live With Free Drinks @ Worldmark!

If your Monday motivation and mid-week blues are countered by counting the number of days till Friday, then let’s get together and make a club! And since it’s almost Friday, we’re sure you must be all set to PARTAY! But if you’re still not sure where you should head to for the perfect Friday night scene, then read up!

Froth Fridaze | The lovely people at Worldmark are hosting Froth Fridaze and you need to be there! Why? Well, because these guys are giving a FREE beer for every 300 bucks you spend at the Food Capital aannd Winston Balman and The Prophets of Rock are gonna perform LIVE *yassss*! Although relatively new, these guys super talented and an absolute delight to all rock music fans, so don’t forget to head on over!

So since we sorted out your plan for this Friday, all you gotta do now is get you friends on-board and be there on time!  

When | Starting Friday, 27th October
Where | Food Capital - WorldMark I, Aerocity, IGI Airport
Timings | 6 PM Onwards
Entry | Free
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