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Witness a Young Lord Vishnu in All His Glory With Ah Prahlad, Now Playing @ Sri Sathya Sai Auditorium

A play targeted at enlightening children and parents alike on our rich culture - Ah Prahlad is conceptualized by Mogly's Gurukul and based on Lord Vishnu.

It's based on the Bhagwatam story of the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu - The Narsingh Avatar. It follows the story depicting the faith of a young boy in the Almighty. Their major focus throughout the story is how a pure heart is one of the most powerful things! Sounds like a beautiful story, doesn't it?

It's the perfect way to sway children and instill cultural values in them. Mark the dates!

Where | Sri Sathya Sai Auditorium, Lodhi Road
When | 2nd - 3rd April
Timings | 12 PM, 4:30 PM & 7 PM
Entry | Rs 500 - 1,000
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