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Ditch Fried Snacks ‘Cause Healthier BRB Popped Chips Are Here To Upgrade Your Snacxperience

Dilli Glutton 24 July 2020


Movie nights with the fam calls for snacking, and so does those fun virtual nights with the squad. We know y’all take your munchies very seriously (more so during the lockdown!), and that is why we’re here to tell you about a brand that is making sure that you don’t go on yet another guilt trip after finishing off a full packet of chips while providing you with unique and delicious flavours. Here’s more inside crunch on these Popped chips!

Say Hello To Smartphone Friendly Chips! | BRB Popped Chips use a brand new popping technique that makes the chips super light, more crunchy and way more flavourful. Currently, these delicious popped chips are available in both potato and sweet potato variants in absolutely delish flavours - Tangy Bhel, Sweet Smoky Chipotle, Roasted Garlic & Herbs and Cheese & Caramelized Onion. 

BTW, these popped chips have 60% less fat as compared to the regular fried potato chips and 30% less fat as compared to the baked potato chips, making snacking a non-greasy and smartphone-friendly experience! They’re also gluten-free, making it perfect for those who are on a diet. You can grab a pack (or 10!) of BRB Popped Chips from Needs Supermarket, Modern Bazaar, Milk Basket, Big Basket, SatvaCart or through Amazon.

So, folks, when are you trying BRB Popped Chips?!

Price | Rs 30 Onwards
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