So Delhi

With Quirky Notebooks, Posters & Badges in Tow, We Say 'Aan de, Aan de' to Dhappa!

Dhappa, the brand is as quirky as its name! They’ve got notebooks, posters and badges with a variety of cool and amusing slogans printed on 'em. 

They have some amazing slogans like ‘Mere Ache Din Ayengey’ and ‘Car-o-Bar’ and lots more with interesting doodles and caricatures related to the slogans. Their notebooks are quirky and will surely make you giggle a little whenever you look at 'em. They try to incorporate basic everyday issues and sights, and craft quirky slogans and images around it (so cool!).

They have a range of colourful and fun wristwatches too. Check out their collection and infuse some offbeat merch in your life!

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