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With Pizza Names Like Horn Ok Please, Pickle Tickle And More - Head To Cheesy Kneads In Gurgaon

Located in Baani Square, Cheesy Kneads is a small outlet mostly focussing on home delivery of gourmet style pizzas! With thin crust and whole wheat options in pizzas topped with a bunch of delicious veggies and non-veg options, this place is worth a visit! 

They’ve got a pretty quirky and innovative menu with pizza names like Def Corn, Pickle Tickle, Humble Pie, Alice In Wonderland, Popeye's Dope, Horn Ok Please, Roasty Toasty, Gigga Pigga Byte, Stairway To Hog’s Heaven and many more!

Besides pizzas, they’ve got some sides too like Bacon n’ Cheese Roll, Mushroom Crostini, Bacon Jam Crostini and Lasagne! 

Gurugram-ers, order up from these guys and have yourself some delicious Pizzas right away! 

Meal For Two | Rs 700
Where | G-36, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurugram
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