Summer season essentially means the season of mangoes and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into a juicy, ripe and yummy mango RN! Every year we look forward to the International Mango Festival and this year is no different. Read on for deets!

Make Way For THE Mango Festival | The International Mango Festival is touted to be the largest mango festival in the country. Initiated back in 1988, it happens every year in Dilli Haat. Here, you'll find more than 500 varieties of mangoes from different parts of the country up for grabs.  

AND, this festival is not just about trying out the insane number of mango varieties but a lot more. You can also indulge in different kinds of activities like mango eating competitions, quizzes, magic shows, and cultural performances. And all you mango enthusiasts can purchase mango saplings and different mango products too. 

Now, won’t this indeed be a real summer fiesta?! HELL YEAH! So scamper over to Dilli Haat on the 9th and 10th of July and join in the madness!

When | Friday - Sunday, 6th - 8th July
Where | Dilli Haat, Janakpuri