All you metro travellers, we’ve got yet another news for you! DMRC is planning to make all metro stations ‘counterless’, meaning that manual token counters will soon be replaced by token vending machines. *Naice!*

Here’re The Deets | Almost all currently functional and upcoming metro stations of Phase 3, except the stations with interchange facilities with railway stations and bus terminals, will soon go counterless. In around 118 metro stations, the manual token counters have been replaced by token vending machines already *WOAH*! 

The first ticket vending machine was installed in the super busy Rajiv Chowk metro station. As per DMRC, the pace at which the manual counters will be replaced by vending machines will depend on the confidence level of the passengers in dealing with these machines. 

Through this move, the DMRC is encouraging people to opt for smart cards instead of tokens. Also, the vending machines will reduce all those back-breaking waiting in the queues for the tokens! Phew! 

Well, we think it’s a great move by DMRC! Good going, peeps! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India