With 100 Outlets Worldwide, Beloved Intl. Gelato Brand Stickhouse Is Comin' To GTown Y'All!

So Delhi 4 Sept 2017

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Even though summers are bidding us goodbye, international Italian gelato brand Stickhouse just popped open their first ever outlet in India in Hyderabad and another one is coming soon in Dilli, guys! Stickhouse is finally opening an outlet in Cyber Hub! YAY! 

Gelatos in a whole bunch of different flavours, these guys are all set to take over the ice cream market of the city! Having 100 outlets spread across 18 countries, now these guys are headed straight to Delhi.

They’ve got this whole concept of ‘Build Your Own Gelato’! You get to choose a basic flavour, then move on to what sauce you want to dip it in and then which toppings to devour. And this ain’t all, they’ve even got a stick shake which has a whole stick of gelato in a shake! WOAH!

We can’t wait for the Cyber Hub outlet to open so that we can go gorge on these yummies right away! YASS! 

Meal For Two | Rs 250
Where | DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/stickhouseindia/