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Why Delhiites Are Dropping Everything To Save the Dying Naini Lake

A glistening blue gem in the city - Naini Lake has over time turned into a greenish-black dump and the residents are not staying shut anymore!

On 1st October last year, 200 residents ditched their work and along with their children led a protest with placards and slogans screaming out - ‘Save-Save Naini Lake!’ Interns and experts from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences – National Water Mission also joined into stop the deterioration of this beautiful lake.

As the campaign has gained momentum, politicians have been forced to extend their support for the cause and awareness drives are also being conducted to restrict visitors from throwing trash and feeding the ducks to prevent further degradation.

Stepping forward and pushing for their cause this local campaign has done their bit very well! All you guys - join in!

Source | Scroll