Whoever Said Money Can't Buy Happiness Didn't Go Through These 6 Quirky Things By Krafted With Happiness

So Delhi 30 Dec 2016

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While the world may attempt to dull and douse your fire by confining you to standard norms, Krafted With Happiness is here to make you stand out! This is an offbeat online store that stands out and helps you do the same! With all things happy and quirky, they make sure that all their unique products are an extension of your true self!

Here are a few things we couldn’t keep our hands off from their awesome website - 

1. Fantastic Fringe Tote Bag 

Tired of looking for the perfect fringe bag? KWH has a wide range for you! This bag is quintessentially boho chic, spacious and remarkable! They have other ethnic bags as well. Go through their collection & pick the one that catches your fancy - from pom poms to fringes & embroidery, they have it all! 

Price Range | Rs 1,000 - 3,000

2. Raani Noor Kolhapuris

We're crushing over these uber fashionable Kohlapuri chappals by KWH. They're super comfortable and go well with everything. If you’re looking for your perfect pair, here is where you’ll get them! From dreams catchers to mirrors and shells, they have styles that you won’t find anywhere else. So add some swag to your feet and get going with confidence. 

Price Range | Rs 600 - 1,000

3. Napping Owlie Floor Rug/Mat

If you’re looking for something cute and different to add to your home take a look at these AWESOME mats/rugs! This is one piece of home decor you won’t regret buying. They can brighten up any corner of your house and who doesn’t like walking on soft things? They have other crazy ‘What Does The Fox Say’ and ‘Moochh’ designs as well! 

Price Range | Rs 600 - 800

4. Free Spirit Notebook

This notebook has a spirit just like ours. If awesome is your style then trust us when we say these notebooks are worth having! This is all the inspiration you need to begin writing or studying (or you could just doodle). KWH has a lot of other cute designs, your favourite movie quotes and references. If you’re one who gets excited about stationery, do take a look!

Price Range | Rs 150 - 500

5. Truffle Parade Earrings

These are beautiful designer ethnic Indian earrings and you def don’t need to wear a neck - piece with these exotic pieces on! The materials used are generally mixed metals, non-precious gemstones or acrylic materials! Well who doesn’t need such quirkiness in their lives?! Jazz up your jewellery collection by adding such amazing things from KWH. Thank us later!

Price Range | Rs 599 - 699

6. Gypsy Statement Necklace 

We love the offbeat, statement jewellery that KWH has to offer, they've got something for every occasion here. Get your hands on chokers, rhinestones and trinket necklaces as soon as possible and add artsy & hippie vibes to your clothes.

Price Range | Rs 400 - 1,500

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Happy browsing!

Website | www.kraftedwithhappiness.com 
Contact Them On | [email protected]
Check Out Their Fb Page | www.facebook.com/krafted.with.happiness