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While You're Waiting For Theobroma To Open in Delhi, Order Their Goodies From THIS Website

Theobroma lovers, listen up! While you're waiting for the ‘food of the god’s’ to land in Delhi *soon!*, we’ve found a place where you can order these delicacies and have them home delivered to you. *YAS*! 

As unreal as it sounds, it's true guys! Theobroma, the Mumbai based patisserie, has finally gone online on a website called Place Of Origin. Now their decadent brownies and dense loaves can be enjoyed while sitting in Delhi also without praying for someone to come from Mumbai! 

The best bit is that, within 3-5 days, these can be delivered to most parts of India. Just wow! So till the time they don’t touchdown Delhi, order online. 

A pack of 4 brownies is for Rs 260 onwards. Order up!

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