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What A Time To Be Alive! Even Temples Have Embraced Paytm In This Time Of #Demonetization

Demonetization has taken the city for a ride, but little did we know that even the temples dotting our city are also affected by it. Hence, Paytm to the rescue! 

Temples in Delhi are accepting donations via mobile wallet app facilities like Paytm so that devotees don’t crumble under the impact of demonetization. The Kalkaji Temple association is the first one to take this step - they’ve now introduced a Paytm system, and people can simply now use mobile wallet cash to make donations! 

The temple may even accept donations via debit/credit cards soon! Modernisation to a whole new level, right? It'll be interesting to see how many other temples also give in to this! 

Sourced via News18