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We've Got an Announcement! Bhane, Much Loved Apparel Store, Also Boasts of The Most Offbeat Ice Creams

Touted for its elegant colour-blocked and snazzy apparel, Bhane is one of the most loved shopping havens in Meharchand Market, but the cherry on top has got to be their offbeat ice creams!

Flavours like none other | Adding quirk to mainstream flavours, they've given us a refreshing selection including Strawberry Goat Cheese, Coco Coffee, Salted Caramel (omg!), Peanut Butter Jelly, Black Sesame, Plum and Peach Sorbet amongst lots more rich flavours.

Two heaping scoops of their creamy cream will cost you around Rs 150.

Located right above Bhane's clothing store, you can also play Jenga and other games when gorging on their ice creams. In a nutshell, you can plan an entire day out here shopping and hogging! *Happy grins*

Where It's At | 135/136, Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Colony