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We've Been Waiting for You Smarty Pints Society - Delhi's First Women-Only Beer Club!

Here's introducing you guys to the female booze gurus you never knew existed! Karina Aggarwal started off the "Smarty Pints Society : A women only beer club" to share tidbits about beer with all fellow tiplers.

Her latest venture has been to bring out all the shy boozy ladies out in the open and she did just that by organising an event giving out some beer gyaan to the ladies so they know their lagers from their ales. 

Hats off to these guys for bringing women into the alcoholic picture, that has up till now been limited only to the guys. Now girls who're sick of hearing 'beer is for men' can now prove 'em wrong and get in on the beer party!

So all you girls who love beer and are eager to learn more about your favourite poison, join the club!

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