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We're Still Tripping On The Delicious Wai Wai Bhel @ The Cozy Wai Wai City In HKV!

Yes, a haunt solely dedicated to Wai Wai is a thing now, thanks to Wai Wai City that is cozily nestled in the Village and we fell in love with this particular concoction which you've got to go try!

Why We're Loving It | The Wai Wai Bhel was delectable and lip smackingly delicious. The crunchy Wai Wai were tossed with the perfect spices and veggies and the whole concoction was quite zesty and spicy - just the way we like it! 

Basically, Wai Wai City took our love for Wai Wai Bhel to another level, and you've got to try it for yourselves! 

Comfortable To The Pocket | Rs 69
Don’t Forget The Address | 29, Ground Floor, HKV