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We're So Happy! The Awesome AAP Govt Has Decided to Slash VAT Rates - Read On

Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

Always cursing the budget? Shoo away negativity as we come bearing some great news related to the budget! According to sources, the  AAP government has now decided to make some cuts in the VAT (thank god!) and it's going to benefit all of us.

Items that'll be cheaper will include shoes, ready-made garments, watches, upholstery, and marble tiles. 

Tax on dining and drinking may remain unaffected (for now) but we may see slight price slashes in sweets and munchies (namkeen packs, basically).

The rate of VAT which is currently at 12.5% will now be brought down to 5% (woah!). We never knew VAT being revised could make us so happy! 

Source | Hindustan Times