A swanky haunt that has flames on its wall *psst, not literally*, lovely music and scrumptious food, FIRE at The Park is certainly one of a kind! And this season, this eatery has come up with a rad new menu that proudly represents Indian food in a contemporary style. 

The new menu is over 50% organic and consists of the best of Indian ingredients sourced by suppliers and artisans who practice sustainable techniques to offer environmentally-conscious produce. 

Broccoli Fennel Tikki | Among the oh-so appealing and tempting dishes off their new seasonal menu, we’re really itching to try their Broccoli Fennel Tikki. For this innovative dish, they’ve sourced the ingredients from the hills, and it’s served with olive naan bruschetta. Yum yum!

So head on over and dig in!

Location | 15, Parliament Street, CP
Call For Reservations | 23743000