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We're Itching to Sample Birdie Num Num's Magic Egg Abracadabra Cocktail!

The Magic Egg Abracadabra at Birdie Num Num is something we can’t wait to go try! It’s part of their cocktails menu, and as crazy as it sounds, it’s an egg-based cocktail! Yes, that’s all the more reason why we want to try it out.

A concoction of whiskey, roasted almonds, in-house banana syrup, lime and the secret ingredient - egg! Firstly, there are very few whiskey based cocktails out there - most of them are vodka, rum or tequila based ones. Hence, this is a major change for all whiskey lovers who wouldn’t mind being experimental daredevils! 

Every Friday night, Birdie Num Num has a special Music 'N’ Cocktails Night and we can’t wait to go by and down this yummy drink!

Price | Rs 399
Where | Global Foyer, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
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