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We're Here to Introduce You to Your Healthy-Snack Subscription Box Messiah - Snackible

Jewellery subscription boxes have created a lot of buzz lately; on a similar line, calorie-counters now you can also get hooked to your very own healthy snacks subscription box service - Snackible!

Healthy munchies | We're drooling over their healthy offerings which include Whole Wheat Belgian Chocochip Waffles (omg), Roasted Mexican Chickpeas, Kale Chips with Bajra Puffs, Hot Wasabi Peanuts, Baked Pizza Stick Dippers and what not. We just can’t stop gushing!

Their weekly trial box costs Rs 299 and as for their monthly box, it's for just 850 bucks!

When ordering up, you can go pick and choose the munchies you'd like, on your own or let them surprise you. The packages on offer are weekly, monthly and a la carte too!

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