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We're Hearing Little Whispers That Delhi Might Play Host To The Commonwealth Games 2022!

After the success of the Commonwealth Games hosted by India in 2010, rumour has it that New Delhi will be hosting yet another edition in 2022! Though India managed to conduct the games smoothly, its success was marred by a series of corruption allegations.

Officials from the Indian Olympic Association feel that India is all set for another edition in 2022, which was earlier supposed to be hosted by Durban. The Union Government and the host state has to provide financial guarantees to win the rights to the Games, which is a major commitment that needs to be given by Delhi!

The President of Archery Association of India, Vijay Kumar Malhotra stated that if the Games are to be held in Delhi, then the entire Games Village needs to be built from scratch all over again! This will be a major task, but the state government might take it up. 

Keepin’ our fingers crossed! 

Sourced Via Business Standard