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We're Aww-ing So Hard RN: Petsmopolitan Has A Pet Dating Portal Because Why Not

Specializing in pet dating, yes that’s a thing, Petsmopolitian is here to get your cutesy fur ball a four-legged lover right away! We’re already ‘aww-ing’ at the thought of it!

Petsmopolitan is an organization run by pet lovers who love, own and care for pets and aim at motivating everyone on the globe to join hands and do the same! They’ve got Pet Sitters, a Pet Care Advice Centre, an Adoption Centre, Lost & Found and the cutest of them all - a Pet Dating portal! 

They’ve even got a store for them and you can shop for your little furry friends here and have the goodies delivered to your house! 

Have a look at their website and get shopping for your little baby!

Here’s Their FB Page |
Check Out Their Facilities Online Here |