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Well Winter Came & Has Just Gone By! This Feb 2017 Has Been The Hottest Since 2010

Picture Credits: Aasif Iqbal J

Guys, it’s time to put those booties, leather jackets and beanies away and to get the flip flops and cotton dresses out, because it looks like summer came a little early for Delhiites! 

This year one does not have to wait for Holi for the summers to creep in, looks like they’re here already! With the sun shining high and the temperature rising to a warm 30 degrees Celsius, it doesn’t look like winter is coming back at all *shaking our heads*.

Sunday's maximum temperature was 30.8 degrees Celsius, six degrees above normal and 0.7 degrees Celsius higher than Saturday's maximum. This is the highest temperature recorded in the capital during February since 2010, when the maximum touched 31.5 degrees Celsius.

Let’s just enjoy the winters till they (barely) last! 

Sourced Via India Times