For millions of Indians a cool bottle of Bunta is all it takes to embark on a trip down memory lane. Cod neck glass bottles brimming with a cool summer drink, with a marble used to seal them, bring back a lot of childhood memories for most of us during hot summers. This is precisely the theme a bar located in the heart of Janpath decided to capture - introducing the Bunta Bar.

Bunta Bar was conceived with the idea of opening an all pervasive Indian bar. It goes without saying that everything served here without exception is totally desi to the max. Even their pizzas are called ‘Pijjas’ and are nothing like the ones you would have ever sampled.

Bunta is the name of the game at Bunta Bar. There are bunta bottles on the walls. Even the lamps which ornately adorn the ambiance, are decorated with buntas. However, the brick walls are left bare to endow the place with the typical desi ‘tharra’ touch.

Here’s a detailed account of our scrumptious and filling sojourn at the beloved joint - 

The Buntas 

Commencing the honours with what else but bunta drinks - we tried the delicious Dilli 6 and the Aam Panna buntas, popping open our bottles ourselves! If we had to pick one of the two, we would probably pick the Dilli 6 which is a kaala khatta flavored bunta. It was sweet and tangy at the same time and we couldn’t stop ourselves from going in for a second round.

Baba Ji Ki Booti

We sampled one of the cocktails upon the bar tender’s suggestion - Baba Ji Ki Booti. The cocktail was as interesting as its name. It was served in China tea cups and saucers tagged alonged for company. It was served chilled and turned out to be a gin-based cocktail with elderflower cordial mixed with tonic water. Unlike most gin-based drinks, it was a medley of sweet and soothing & light and refreshing, perfect for the sweltering outdoors. 

Mutton Shammi Sliders

The Mutton Shammi was soft, delicately spiced and went very well with the dressing that was used in the burger. One bite in and we absolutely loved the crisp exterior and the super soft interior of the shammi. The mint and mayo dressing on top gave it the perfect desi tadka. The only grievance we had was the small quantity - you just get two small sliders in one plate with a small serving of fries.

Hari Mirchi Chicken Taco 

The Hari Mirchi Taco was exceptionally good. Fresh cut veggies, boiled chicken and finely chopped green chilies were expertly used to whip up the stuffing which was sumptuously spread on fresh taco sheets - a must have when at Bunta Bar. 

Mutton Keema & Cream Cheese Desi Pijja

We wound up the appetizer sampling session with the Mutton Keema and Cream Cheese Desi Pijja. The Pijja turned out to be an ovular flat bread. It was topped with a specially curated Pijja sauce that was made with true Indian herbs and spices and then covered with flavored mutton keema and cream cheese. It was indeed innovative and that is putting it mildly.

Bengal Mutton Curry 

The Bengal Mutton Curry featured a thin curry preparation with succulent pieces of mutton hiding tons of Bengali cuisine secrets. It was served with home style parathas. It will surely make you say “Aami tumake bhalo bhashi.” If for nothing else, you are sure to return to Bunta Bar for an encore with this one. 

Smoked Dal Makhni

We were duly informed that the Smoked Dal Makhni is a really hot and popular favorite. The distinctive smoky flavor, thanks to tamarind charcoal, elevated the dish to the exclusive category. Its partner in crime, the Blue Cheese Naan, was equally if not more distinctive.

Khajur Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

For dessert, you should try the uniquely desi Khajur (dates) Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. The texture is more akin to the gooey brownie than a cake-y brownie. The Khajur Brownie, with a drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce blended perfectly with vanilla ice cream. The dessert is a refreshing option for all you sweet tooth custodians who are genuinely tired of the same old brownie and ice cream combination.

Bunta Bar is a superb place to enjoy Indian fusion food after a hectic shopping spree in the Connaught Place area, to sit and enjoy a chilled bunta much like the old days! 

Location | 2nd Floor, 76, Janpath
Cost For Two | Rs. 1400/- (with alcohol)

This article is written by Shivangi Singha. A passionate food blogger and an avid food enthusiast, Shivangi spends her time discovering hidden restaurants all over town. While not busy reviewing eateries and sharing food preservation, quality & safety tips with restaurateurs, she spends her time baking and browsing through various food mags.