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We Went & Had Ourselves The Perfect Merry Brunch Over @ The Drunk House in Rajouri

Gone are the days when you had to rush over to HKV for every brunch ever planned! We’re loving our new find in West Delhi! The Drunk House is all you need for a breezy breakfast, a late lunch or a crazy night out with friends! As we enter the space, we’re greeted by an exuberant bar and raw, grungy industrial decor. Every nook has comfortable seating and a wall decor to be awed by. More, they had us at their quirky lift! The space calls out for chilled out scenes and when we say chilled out we mean ‘chilled’ (read beer) out!

Chatpata Beer

Starting off our brunch with their famous Chatpata Beer, it’s a drink that you do not want to miss! A smooth concoction of beer, black salt and lemon juice, Chatpata Beer is the perfect pop for every meal. We promise you that you'll be asking for repeats!

Peri Peri Chicken Skewers

Next up were some yummy Chicken Skewers. Spicy, fiery and served with garlic mayo, this peri peri grilled chicken delicacy is everything #Punjabi. The first skewer will have you salivating for more, and we certainly stuffed our faces!

Crispy French Fries & Cottage Cheese Wrap

Did we mention that they have French Fry Wraps that come in a cute little bicycle serving platter? Yup! French fries, cottage cheese and veggies all wrapped up, pan-fried and served up with some spicy mayo! What’s not to like? The best thing about The Drunk House is their impeccably trained staff. The food appeared as if from thin air and everything tasted super delicious.

Caesar Salad 

It’s light, creamy and everything that you expect from a staple Caesar salad served with garlic bread on the side. As we dug into the salad, we realised that the garlic bread is actually the best that we’ve ever tasted! The flours are rich and it had that perfect crunchy texture. Definitely go in for this one!

Diced Chicken 

Having had a couple of Chatpata Beers and the mouth watering starters, we decided to go for the main course. The Drunk House has everything you could ever crave for. They have a multi-cuisine menu that’s perfect for every mood. We went all out with the Diced Chicken with noodles. This Chinese dish was a burst of bold flavours. Chilly lemon coriander, spicy garlic sauce and black bean are amongst a few of the mind blowing flavours. It’s a gravy dish, so you can order rice with it too!

Butter Chicken Cannelloni

Butter chicken to Rajouri is like bread to butter! As we were here, we had to try it! But wait, there’s more - Butter Chicken Cannelloni is that global twist you needed in regular butter chicken. Pasta finished in cream, cheese and makhani sauce. The quantity is filling and the flavours are pure Punjabi. Need we say more? Brownie points for that guitar shaped dish!

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

A perfect end to this meal was the brownie with ice cream. We saw we ordered and Oh yes! It was amazing. Warm brownie topped with a scoop of the good old vanilla ice cream gave us the perfect foodgasm.

The Drunk House is everything that a foodie needs. Good ambience, great music, finger licking food and a welcoming bar. If you are in the area do give them a visit!

Meal for Two | Rs 1500
Location | Rajouri Garden