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We Went & Had Ourselves a Pocket-Friendly Feast @ Kamla Nagar’s Student-Friendly Eatery - Phirangi

If you've ever been to Kamla Nagar, then you will already know that the place is a haven for all the students out there who are seeking a yummy, filling meal at a decent price. And the place has never been a disappointed in such matters! Recently, we decided to pay a visit to one such cafe, Phirangi, which is a newcomer, but has already forged its name as one of the most favoured places by the hoi polloi of Kamla Nagar.

Phirangi is located amidst the hustle-bustle of Kamla Nagar Market; a place that is almost always crowded with quasi-broke DU students. The cafe is quite inviting, which is actually made quite apparent by its peppy door that gives it a nice, quirky touch. And if that's not enough, the voguish name at the entrance is something that can definitely not escape your sight and admiration.

As you enter the place, two things are bound to catch your attention: the place’s compact size, and the 'capped' wall. What do we mean by this? The place is quite small, and there is limited seating, but once you do get a seat, the place will quickly become one of your favourites! As for the second thing, the major attraction of the place is its huge wall that's adorned with caps of alcohol bottles; which further adds to the place’s quirky setting. The staff is profoundly courteous and amicable. They are eager to wait on you, and are well-adept at their job. Precis: the place is amazingly decorated and provides an affable ambiance!

Now let’s on move on to food, and take a look at our top picks.

Cheesy Fries

We'll be honest with you; we are ardent cheese lovers and when it comes to cheese, we do not hold our criticism back! And at Phirangi, we were absolutely gobsmacked by the delicious flavour of their Cheesy Fries. They were loaded with cheese, and were amazingly tasty. The overall flavour was amazing; the ingredients and spices complemented each other well; and we would surely suggest it to everyone who loves cheese and is planning to visit this place. And even if you're not a fan of cheese, we assure you, after tasting this item, you will surely develop a penchant for it!

Double Loaded Margherita Pizza

The Double Loaded Margherita Pizza was yet another cheesy delight for us. The pizza had an incredible thin and crispy crust; it was served fresh and hot. The best part was for sure the perfect blend of cheese, spices and olives. The pizza had the perfect amount of cheese, and the olive toppings just added to its flavour. The pizza was served with salsa sauce, which had the ideal amount of spiciness that complemented the pizza really well.

Loaded Nachos

The Nachos were yet again a pleasure for our taste buds. The item was served at the perfect temperature; the nachos were crispy and had a nice touch of spiciness to them. They were served with cheese toppings, peri peri sauce and salsa sauce; and they all just made the entire experience absolutely wonderful. A must try for all the foodies out there!

Oreo Shake

Kamla Nagar is famous for the numerous places that offer delicious shakes; and Phirangi stood up to our expectations here as well. The shake was neither too sweet nor too chocolaty and had just the perfect balance. It was chilled and had a nice creamy touch to it, which accentuated its flavour. The shake quickly became one of our favourites from the place, and we would surely recommend it to every person who is on the lookout for a heavenly glass of shake!

Green Apple Mojito

What a delight their Green Apple Mojito was! It was refreshing, chilled and just the perfect beverage to ward off the heat and mid-day blues. It had the perfect level of sourness and sweetness; and the dominant taste of sourness just won our hearts. The drink was surely one of the best we've had in Kamla Nagar and would be a good way for the students to keep the heat away.

Phirangi, stylised with '#FOODPEBBLER', easily stands up to its name and the reputation it has gained for itself. The food was delicious, fresh and easy on the pocket. So we strongly suggest this place to all the people who wish to enjoy a nice, hearty meal on a budget. The place will rejoice your taste buds and heart!

Meal For Two | Rs. 600
Location | 32-UB, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi
Call Them | +91 9599 363 672, +91 9599 363 674