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We Went & Gobbled up Dhoklas, Lassi & Lots More @ Famous Rewari Sweets in Sadar Bazar

A tiny shop located under a flyover in the midst of dhabas, hardware stores and internet cafes; Rewari Sweets sells dhoklas, samosas, lassi and badam milk apart from a host of barfis and other delish sweets. Despite its size and location, the shop is well-kept and also has a tiny seating area inside, good enough for only about 3 - 4 people to sit and indulge in their famous barfis.

We enquired about their specialty and were directed to the board announcing their name, and that they specialize in barfis and rabri. They also swear by their lassi, and the ‘special’ Rewari Barfi - now this one is clearly not a place for the faint hearted, and definitely not for the calorie conscious!


We began with their Samosas, which were light and easy on the chillies and had a fairly decent filling comprising of potatoes, peas and zesty spices. The otherwise omnipresent green chutney was required to add a little more boost to the taste, as those who enjoy their samosas real spicy might not be satisfied by them alone. Yummy!


Next we picked their Dhokla; juicy and perfectly moist along with just the right amount of sweetness, this one got thumbs up without further questioning! Their Lassi, contrary to what was promised, wasn’t anything extraordinary. The sourness seemed to overpower the taste, and even the consistency could’ve been better.


It was the Rabri which restored our faith in this ages-old shop of West Delhi. With a near-perfect consistency and just the right amount of sweetness, the Rabri did not allow us to let go of the spoon till the last drop was demolished. Served with a generous garnish of pistachios, each spoon promised great texture and of course, divine taste!

Special Rewari Barfi

We then tried their famous barfis, starting with the Special Rewari Barfi, and learnt exactly why they refer to it with that name! Though at first it seemed like a regular milk / khoya barfi, once we took the first bite, we were lost in the unique taste which otherwise cannot be found in the regular milk barfis sold at most sweet shops.


Next we had the Pateesa, which also managed to move up to one of our favourites at the first bite itself. Being neither too sticky / oily nor too dry, their Pateesa melted in our mouth instantly without leaving traces of any ghee sticking to our palette for which we couldn’t help but give it full marks!

Milk Cake

This was followed by everybody’s childhood favourite, the Milk Cake! The distinct flavours of which were accompanied by its chewiness which asserted the fact that this is one of the best sweet shops to be found in West Delhi. 

The best bit about this treasure of a joint is that all the dishes here are sold at dirt cheap prices, ensuring you stuff your faces full without worrying about the bill! Go on, sample a taste of heaven at Rewari Sweets when you're next in Sadar Bazar.

Meal For Two | Rs 200
Location | Near Post Office, Sadar Bazar