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We Went by Popular Chaat Corner Pachranga in Tilak Nagar & Here’s How They Fared

Street food is a delight a majority of us bestow upon ourselves every once in awhile; and if we're being completely honest, we think it's fair to say that it's probably one of the best ways to cheat on your diet! So we recently decided to pay a visit to the insanely popular chaat corner in the ever bustling market of Tilak Nagar - Pachranga! 

Now Pachranga has been a favourite of numerous Delhiites residing in the vicinity of the area, and a lot of people there told us they had been visiting the place from their childhood! Yes, that's how old the place is, and it has only surpassed its reputation ever since. So given the redoubtable popularity of the place, we just had to go check it out for ourselves!

The place is a compact shop located in the market of Tilak Nagar, near the famous books lane of the market. The place is easily located with its big red sign citing its name, and the innumerable people standing outside the shop waiting for their chaat. What’s impressive about the place is that unlike other small chaat shops, the vendors of this place, especially the gol gappa guy, wear gloves and headgear - kudos on hygiene, Pachranga! Here you go, this is what we tried here!

Gol Gappe

The place is insanely famous for its Gol Gappe, so we were obviously going to dig in on these first. They were the best dish we had during our visit! The gol gappe were crispy; were the perfect size, that is to say neither too huge to make you gasp for air nor too small to make you languish for more. 

The water, or rather, the paani of the Gol Gappe was delicious as well. We chose spicy and sweet out of the five available options from the menu; and these two were more than just good. The spicy did not hit our taste buds too harshly and the sweet paani was pleasant to taste. All in all, the gol gappe are a must try for anyone who visits the place!

Aloo Tikki

After hitting the delicious Gol Gappe, we decided to move on to our second favourite chaat item, and here we faced a bit of disappointment. While the Aloo Tikki of the place was also readily popular, it lacked the flavour and zestiness of the streetside favorite. The tikki was cooked well, it was crispy and crunchy; but the filling of the aloo was not particularly tasty as it lacked spiciness, and even after the chutney and the curd on top, the overall taste of the item was subdued by the multitude of onions that had been used to garnish it. Overall, the tikki was okay; not great or bad, but good enough to satiate your chaat hunger pangs.

Dahi Papdi

To our dismay, this item too was not at par with our expectations! While we had high hopes from the place and it really did seem promising at first, their Aloo Tikki and Dahi Papdi failed to live up to these standards. The curd was good, it was zesty and the papdis were okay but they lacked the crispiness that was expected, and had only a faint flavour. The chutneys were good, and the garnishing was okay, but the presence of beetroot made it a bit of a disappointment. Overall, the dish was kind of average or at best, a tiny step up from average.

Gulab Jamun

The in-house Gulab Jamun were visibly in demand at the place, and we were already hoping for a dish that might redeem the place. And their Gulab Jamun did that for us! They were hot, easy to cut into and perfectly sweet. They were soft and melted in your mouth, which made them an absolute delight. Now this is a treat you people should surely give yourself!

So there you go, people; our unblemished review of Pachranga in Tilak Nagar. We were not precisely disappointed or incredibly impressed with the place, but there were a few redeeming factors that will definitely compel us to visit the place again. Taste is subjective folks, so you need not dismiss the place all too quickly, we surely do suggest you give the place a try and decide for yourself and tell us all about your experience!

Meal For Two | Rs 100-200
Location | 23/20 B, Kapoor Complex, Tilak Nagar
Call Them | +91 9971 767 273