Amidst the bustling trail of varied cafes and restaurants that create the luminescence of an ideal night at Rajouri Garden, what particularly stands out is the stylised dhaba that National Highway 44 is! The place is a pleasant departure from the quirky cafes, and believe you us, you're surely going to feel nostalgic about the trips taken on highways when you enter this place. So read on to find out all about the delicious food and fine dining experience the place provided us with.

As the name suggests, the place is inspired by the ambience of a typical dhaba and culminates the experience by offering scrumptious, dhaba-style North Indian items (along with a variety of items from other regions as well, though), and what truly complements the experience is the dhaba-like decor of the place. The place is adorned with lamps, chairs and bottles that mark the interior of an ideal dhaba, along with the dominant hues of red, green, blue and beige.
To top it all, the staff is amazingly courteous and amiable. They wait on you in the most perfect manner, take your demands seriously and accentuate the overall experience of the dine-in.
So here’s what specifically caught our attention and gave our taste buds a pleasant trip down the road of North Indian cuisine!

Jal Jeera Shots

Move past the typical alcoholic shots, and go crazy with the Jal Jeera Shots at NH-44. While you can have the beverage in a proper glass as well, it's always fun to take things up a notch and ask for the shots. As soon as you taste this delicious beverage, you are sure to get a kick of the tangy and spicy taste of Jal Jeera. And the best part - it's not only the best way to kick-start this experience, but also provide you with the best form of refreshment!

Fresh Lime Soda (Mix)

With the weather so humid and the sun scorching us all with its relentless heat, we all wish to do away with the heat of the day; and this beverage will surely help you do that. The drink is sweet, along with the right amount of sourness to not make it too tangy, but to not make it lose its refreshing taste as well. The drink was nicely chilled and as soon as you take the first sip, you sure are going to find the comfort you have always sought in the dog-days of summer!

Makhani Chooze

Going to a dhaba-style restaurant and not having butter chicken? Well, that’s just impossible now, isn’t it? And so we delighted our taste buds with their iconic dish of Makhani Chooze (fancy name for butter chicken) and it was surely one of the best we've ever had! The quantity was more than ample, and the dish was delicious with its perfect blend of spiciness and liberal sprinkling of chicken.

Makhani Paneer Dhaba

Yes, the name says it all! A paneer dish is a yet another must have at a Punjabi themed restaurant, and this item was yet again one of the best main courses we've tried. The dish was the perfect combination of buttery flavour and spiciness, along with the perfect blend of veggies and masala. The dish serves as a nice complement to the butter chicken, and fortifies the overall experience of the place.

Danedar Rabri

By this time, our stomachs had given up, but our taste buds were still hungry! So we decided to indulge in one more item to reach the zenith of our dining endeavour, and it was dessert time people! The rabri was absolutely fabulous. The dish had the perfect amount of sweetness, and was not at all hard on our teeth. The item was served in sufficient quantity, and made us feel like we were just at home. We sure do recommend this item for your choice for dessert because there are not many items that could top this.

So there you go, people. Our straight-out-of-the-heart review of National Highway 44, and needless to say at this point, we had the time of our life. And that too on a small budget! The place has a lot to offer, people; from elegant dining to a cosy ambiance, from parties to personal outings, the place is ideal for everyone. The only snag we did hit was the lack of space on our table, but the staff takes that seriously and responds to your feedback in the most positive manner. Come on over!

Meal For Two | Rs 900 - 1,000
Call Them |  +91 11 3310 6179
Location |  C-13, First Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden