Misha Dwivedi

We Ordered Up Toothsome Pan-Asian From Captain Grub's Oriental Brother: Captain Chang!

Gone are the days when we had to go to bed with a runny omelette and toast when hunger pangs came a-calling post midnight! Gen Y’s nocturnal nights have led to a surge in late-night delivery services for where there’s demand, there’s supply. Captain Grub is one such which has tapped into this previously (eyes) wide open PM to AM slot - the new twilight zone that is - in Delhi and Gurgaon. While Grub serves pastas, pizzas, burgers and some amazing shakes, Captain Chang is the dedicated Oriental brother serving up some delectable Chinese and Thai! 

Working on that presentation that’s (unfortunately) due tomorrow? Studying for your end-sems? You don’t have to ransack your fridge for leftovers anymore, the mateys have got your back! Here’s all that we sampled from the recently-launched Cap Chang:

Khao Suey Chicken with Noodles

This could easily be the tastiest Khao Suey that we’ve ever laid hands (or tongues) on! The sweetness of the coconut milk perfectly complemented the tanginess of the spices creating a perfect balance and the dish was bursting with tender pieces of chicken, instead of two or three odd pieces swimming about.

The curry-like sauce was creamy, flavourful and absolutely lip-smacking! The noodles weren’t sticky or chewy and were in fact quite light and fluffy with the portion size being quite ample. We doused them in the Khao Suey and couldn’t stop lapping it up! This one dish was a delicious meal in itself and total value for money.

Prawn Har Gao

An ideal appetizer for when you’re in the mood for munchies but don’t wanna go all out (or if you’re bored of the same ol’ chicken momos), this dish was a variation of the traditional har gao, which is essentially crystal dim sums filled with shrimp. CC’s version had fat chunks of prawn veiled in thin, translucent skins steamed well. We found the filling a bit dry and would recommend that you savour these with the umpteen dips provided with your order. We counted an unbelievable 9 dips with ours!

Gai Satay

Gai Satay or chicken skewers right off the streets of Thailand! If you’ve had chicken satay before, then you’ll know that palates with an affinity for chicken tikka, chilli chicken and other desi preparations will probably not like this dish, especially because of Captain Chang’s totally authentic prepping style. The chicken was marinated in Asian spices and a distinct peanut sauce, and was lathered with coconut cream. The skin was grilled perfectly and we were happy to see that the skewers weren’t skinny!

With a combination of authentic and desi-fied flavours and ingredients, Captain Chang succeeded in winning us over! That Khao Suey was a total knockout. We personally felt that the quantity justified the price. The best part is that they deliver till the wee hours of the morning, so you won’t have to resort to cooking up a storm in your mum’s kitchen. 

The idea of a tasty three course meal at 4 AM sounds divine, doesn’t it? Order away!

Timings | 7 PM - 4 AM
Meal For Two | Rs 1,000
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/captaingrub
Order Online Here | www.captaingrub.in/