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We Just Scarfed Down The Most Scrumptious Brownie Freak Shake @ The Little Cafe, Rohini!

If you live in North Delhi, and are bored with all the restaurants it has to offer, The Little Cafe in Rohini is really a breath of fresh air! 

Quite rightly named, the cafe is actually an adorable little joint serving the most unique items on the menu like Pizza Pot Pie, Freak Shakes and more. They also have outdoor seating, in case you maybe want to bite on their thin crust pizza while enjoying the chilly weather and upbeat music *starry eyed*. 

Still Drooling Over The Brownie Freak Shake | We had a lot of mouth watering items at The Little Cafe, but nothing came close to the sheer awesomeness of their Brownie Freak Shake. Thick foamy chocolate shake filled to the brim, topped with vanilla soft serve slathered with chocolate syrup, topped with Hide & Seek biscuits and chocolate brownies. Should we even begin to tell you how fantastic the taste was, or are your socks already knocked off? *Wink wink* 

This item on the menu is definitely bound to win you over!

We’re absolutely sure that once you visit this delight of a cafe, you’re chained to become a regular, courtesy the cozy and familiar vibes of this charming ‘little’ cafe. Cheers!

Reasonably Priced | Rs 150
Where To Head To | Ground Floor, PVR Funcity Mall, Prashant Vihar, Rohini