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We Had A Fashionable Chat With Beloved Sabyasachi Mukherjee - Here's What The Maestro Had to Say

Much sought-after in the Bollywood as well as the International circuit equally, one who's known for his flawless designs, Sabyasachi Mukherjee was recently in town for the launch of his all-new flagship store which is when we caught him for a quick chat. Read on as he shares some invaluable tips for all you gorgeous ladies out there.

Tell us about your newly-opened flagship store and the inspiration behind it.

I wanted to create a store which was reminiscent of Calcutta and the rulers and the kings of the bygone era, re-establishing that sort of a royal nostalgia which is why the store is so traditional!

What are the trends you see taking the wedding season by storm?

Since wedding seasons are the only time people seek and love to wear something ethnic, I would say anything that is classic, cultural and traditional is appropriate for the same.

One look you'd recommend for all seasons?

Indian wear has this power to make you look beautiful without much effort. Not only that, it makes you feel even more powerful and confident than any other styles of clothing. So I would highly recommend Indian wear for all seasons.

What according to you makes Delhi, So Delhi?

People here love to eat good food and wear the best clothes. This is what makes Delhi So Delhi for me and that is precisely the reason why I opened a store here!

As we glanced around the exquisitely-crafted store and all its mind blowing creations, we couldn't help but be so in awe of this fashion giant!