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We Chowed Down on The Monstrous Pizzas @ Instapizza & Here's Our Verdict

After hearing loads of superlatives about Instapizza, we decided to march on over and see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. And guess what? Best. Pizza. Ever. 

We fell in love with their huge variety of pizza crusts, their concept of unlimited toppings for a fixed price (they have 38 toppings to choose from!), and for their absurdly delicious and perfectly tangy pizza sauce. When you combine all the choices on offer, it really is like walking into a library of pizzas.

The menu is a lot to take in at first – it's basically a concept where you choose your base, then your toppings, and then your dips. We chose a Cracker Thin Crust pizza from their traditional pizza section – and of course, how could we leave without trying their ever-famous Monster Deep Dish!

Since there were only two of us, we stopped there – but next time we’ll be back to sample their ragi crust pizzas and what their friendly manager explained to us was their newest offering – create your own pastas.

Read on for our pizza tasting notes!

Cracker Thin Crust

We tried the Cracker Thin Crust with our own selection of toppings, and since we were going for a meat-filled deep dish, we went veggie on this. Black Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Red Paprika, and Fresh Basil were our choices. The cracker thin crust is thin, crispy, and light, and we love the square-shaped (yay!) pie. We also sampled this with two of their yummiest dips with this one – the Asian Chilli Garlic and the Cheesy Jalapeno.

A Fully Loaded Monster Deep Dish

This is the most insane pizza we’ve ever seen. We chose chicken chorizo, chicken pepperoni, garlic, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and green chillies to go in ours. It took 25 minutes to make – but boy was it worth the wait. It really is a shockingly deep pizza, with multiple layers of crust, sauce, and toppings forming each bite into an explosion of flavours. Safe to say – we’ve never had anything like it!

Instapizza makes for an amazing option when you're in the mood for tasty pizzas, whilst firmly maintaining your couch potato status. Their delivery is efficient and their pizzas hold scope for innovation and personal flavour preferences. They’ve turned themselves into specialists of pizzas of all kinds, from skinny to fat. Go swing by for when you have the all-powerful pizza craving and dive into their plethora of great options!

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