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We Checked Into The Street Food King Of West Delhi - Atul Chaat Corner, Rajouri Garden - Here's The Verdict!

Whether it's the beloved Dilli ki sardi, a scorching summer afternoon or the ever so romantic Dilli ki baarish, a hot plate of Aloo Tikki or chatpata Golgappas is food for every mood!

Every nook and corner of this city has a famous and ‘must visit’ chaat corner and so recently we explored one such extremely famous street food shop which has been standing gloriously tall for years!

We visited the street food king of West Delhi called Atul Chaat Corner. Locals have been visiting this shop for generations and swear by it however our experience had some hits and misses! 

Located right in the middle of the ever buzzing market of Rajouri Garden, the place is very easy to locate. The shop is pretty huge but there is no seating area, just a few tables to keep your food on. So here's all we tried on our visit here:

Aloo Tikki

We saw maximum people either going for their Golgappas or their Aloo Tikkis. We did try their Golgappas, but didn’t quite take to it since they only have the spicy water and not the sweet Imli water. However the Aloo Tikki turned out to be a great option with a crisp outer portion, lots of sweet curd along with mint and imli chutney. Eat it hot and fresh in this winter to relish all the flavours!

Aloo Chaat

They do tiny potato pieces sautéed in oil and then marinate them in Indian spices, and by Indian spices we mean lots of chaat masala! Atul Chaat serves a pretty decent plate of crisp tiny potatoes with lots of chaat masala with some imli chutney. Another hot number not to be missed at Atul’s.

Sev Puri

This popular street food originating from the streets of Mumbai is our favourite too. Spicy, sweet, crunchy & tangy chaat has so many different textures and is full of amazing flavours all tingling in your mouth. Atul’s plate of sev puri was pretty decent but was missing a little flavour; if you order this make sure to ask for extra masala and chutneys on your sev puri and you’ll be good to go.  

Pav Bhaji

From all the places we have ever tried Pav Bhaji, our favourite is the one available at Haldiram’s, the key is the masala and of course there is the added bonus of hygiene too! Coming back to Atul, the Pav Bhaji here was average at most; the bhaji was bland and adding lemon and salt didn’t help at all. Either we were having a bad day or our expectations were too high because everyone else around us looked like they were relishing it, but we wouldn't recommend our readers to try this. 

Kulfi Faluda

This traditional Indian dessert is popular with one and all. Trust us when we say that Atul Chaat is serving the best Kulfi Faluda in the area. The Kulfi was so creamy and even after adding the rose syrup and sugar syrup the dessert was not very sweet; just the right amount of sweetness was added to this dessert. This is our definite recommendation for when you visit the place!

Our experience at Atul Chaat Corner was a hit and miss but mostly a hit, no wonder it has been impressing the locals for so many years! So if you're new to the area or are a street food enthusiast, trust us this place needs to be on your ‘must visit food joints list’.

Meal For Two | Rs. 150
Location | H-44, Main Market, Rajouri Garden