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We Checked Into Imly For Their Special Navratri Menu & Here's What We Gobbled Up!

Festivities are not just about rituals and prayers. For some of us, food is what makes it a celebration. And no Indian festival is ever complete without food, is it? There’s always some or the other delicacy linked with each of the festivals.

Since Navratras are here, how can we forget the special fasting food? While the food ingredients remain limited, a lot of restaurants in the city have come up with special Navratras menu to give those monotonous dishes a new dimension. One such restaurant is Imly, which had a three course meal, from starters to desserts and not to forget the drinks to cool off from the relentless heat.

Here’s some of the dishes we tried:

Papdi Chaat 

With the crispy papdi made with kuttu and singhara atta, topped with curd and sweet chutney, the classic chaat was just heavenly. While it’s light on the stomach, the taste will linger on for quite some time and will totally leave you wanting more. And we absolutely loved this avatar of the classic papdi chaat!

Price | Rs 115

Kache Kele Ke Kebab

Curious about this dish made with bananas, it totally bedazzled us! Made with raw bananas, potato and cottage cheese plus a perfect blend of spices, these kebabs are one hell of a dish. And when served with mint chutney, it just amplified the already delish flavor. Also, since raw bananas are high on fibre, they make you feel full the entire day!

Price | Rs 175

Sabudana Tikki

The old style potato tikki with sabudana was given a twist when topped with curd and pomegranate, it’s indeed the best snack for when you’re fasting. And not to forget the sweet chutney they served it with - it just perfectly added a sweet n salty touch to it! Yum yum. 

Price | Rs 150

Sev Puri

While we were taken aback when we heard of Sev Puri as a Navratra dish, it actually turned out to be irresistible! The Puri was made from kuttu atta and the topping of potatoes, pomegranate and with some curd with sweet chutney, the Sev Puri has changed its definition this Navratri - total bliss y’all!

Price | Rs 110

Aloo Shakarkand Ki Chaat

The sweet and salty amalgamation of potato and sweet potato took us by surprise as it was given a twist by mixing it up with curd and mint chutney. And not to forget the sour amchoor (Mango powder) that was just enough to amplify this simplistic chaat to a whole new level. We polished off every last morsel!

Price | Rs 125

For the main course, they had quite a few choice dishes on the menu, take a peek:

Paneer Makhni

Cubes of cheese infused with butyraceous tomato gravy, it had the ideal mix of spices. After tasting this one, one might just get stuck on it for its impeccable taste. Who knew paneer without onion gravy could taste so heavenly! It was exquisite in both taste and flavor, with black pepper to spice it up real nice.

Price | Rs 210

Vrat Waale Aloo

The classic potato with tomato is the heart of the Navratri fast food! And there’s no denying that this simple dish can fill your belly with flavorsome, filling potatoes and get you through the fasts comfortably. While it was a tad dry, we couldn’t care less about that as the aroma was alluring enough to gorge on it with some hot pooris!

Price | Rs 145

Sitaphal Ki Sabji

Mashed pumpkin with a zesty sweet and salty taste had us licking our fingers, for it was flavorsome and had a delectable taste. With minimal condiments, it was quite appetizing indeed. And even if you’re not a big fan of pumpkins, you need to try this as it will change your perception about it! 

Price | Rs 190

Sabudana Ki Khichdi

If you’re the kind of person to stay on light food throughout fast time, they’ve got you covered. The Sabudana khichdi was extremely light and fulfilling. With cumin and sliced potatoes, it was the healthiest dish we could find. Plus, it had a tinge of spices like black pepper and salt to deliver a tasteful dish.

Price | Rs 175

The best part - all of the dishes we’re gushing about were accompanied with Navratri-approved, hot and crispy pooris prepared with kuttu atta!

To cool you off, they also had on hand Sweet Lassi, Mango & Banana Shake made with only milk and fruit, and everyone’s favorite Chhach. These drinks were so refreshing that they acted as coolants for us in the heat!

And we can never forget the desserts, can we?

Sabudana and Makhane Ki Kheer

While there were not many options when it came to desserts, but it didn’t hurt us much as they already had Sabudana and Makhane Ki Kheer. Flavored with cardamom and exceptional taste, no wonder they have only one dessert! It was indeed the best kheer we’ve tasted, garnished with crushed almonds and pistachios. Nom nom!

Price | Rs 120

Thank you Imly for making our Navratras so food-tacular!  

Location | F-20, Near Hog Market, Rajendra Place