Parked a little ahead of the famous McDonald’s of South Extension 2, Circus is a little surprise package waiting to be tested. Slated to be a circus themed restaurant, it’s very amusing as the servers walk around wearing clown hats in a very well designed and decorated space. One wall is completely done in red and white stars, and the casual dining space is decorated very well- there’s round seating, bar style seating, tables raised on a platform, as well as outdoors dining area in their balconies and the level above, set up in  wooden tables and pot plants. There’s a clown coming in on busy days, and the bar too is quite well built.

 We decided to check out how it fared on the food!

Joker No. 7

All their cocktails are funkily named and circus themed- we ordered a Joker No. 7 which had angostura and Jack Daniels with a hint of mint and mandarin. The concoction hits you immediately, and is great for people who like their drinks strong.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake Shake

This shake was undoubtedly the best thing on their menu- bored as we were of the usual fudge and brownie shakes, we decided to take a chance on this cheesecake shake and were pleasantly surprised. The shake was absolutely delicious, as the cheesecake seemed to blend right into the shake and created a consistency that is hard to achieve. The shake wasn’t too sweet, hitting all the right notes, as even the cheesecake taste was palpable- highly recommended by us.

Crispy Lamb

For starters, we first ordered the Crispy Lamb Schezwan Sauce and quite liked it; the lamb was chewy, spicy, and overall had a good taste. There was enough capsicum and onion to add to the meat, the lamb was well done, and it was definitely the right kind of spicy.

Crispy Potatoes

For the vegetarian offering, we got the Crispy Potatoes for ourselves, and again, loved this particular offering. The potatoes were crispy and crunchy and well-made- the sauce gave a very beautiful flavor to the potatoes, being a good blend of sweet and spicy. It’s hard to find potatoes in sauce which remain crispy, but these definitely did and are a great option for vegetarians.

Chicken Tikka Chaat

We also had the Chicken Tikka Chaat which again was a genius offering of theirs- cold chicken served in a chaat style masala served our tastebuds very well. The whole dish had the classic chaat taste, which you would find at your favorite chaatwallah and is quite hard to replicate; the chicken was soft and cooked well, and is a very good option for the Indian palette.

Chilly Chicken Pizza

The pizza is a must-have here - the crust was thin and wood-fired, and not too hard, while the cheese was soft and melted in our mouths. The chicken on the pizza had the distinctive taste of 
chilly chicken and made for an absolutely scrumptious treat.

Butter Chicken Khichdi

Now this one’s another novelty of Circus; the Butter Chicken Khichdi comes in a dabba-style box, full with the three traditional compartments. The first compartment held a home style cut salad, while the second compartment held a traditional style onion raita- the third compartment had the butter chicken khichdi, the amazing orange, butter chicken gravy in rice with chicken pieces. It tasted great, and had the characteristic butter chicken taste all Delhiwallas love, but might not appeal to the person who prefers to have their butter chicken with naan.

Circus is an interestingly themed restaurant, but more than that, has a great ambience and a not too expensive bar. The food is absolutely worth it, although the quantity in each offering is not exactly what would be satisfactory to everyone. Nevertheless, it is well worth a regular visit for the food and the ambience.    

Cost for two | Rs 1200
Location | D-14, 3rd Floor, South Extension 2