Dilli Glutton

Was Your Experience Just Like Ours When You Took The Death Wings Challenge @ Social?!

We took the Death Wings Challenge over at Social, and oh my, were they hot! If you haven’t heard of this, Social actually has a pretty cool Death Wings Challenge, in which they provide you with a helping of deadly, supremely hot Chicken Wings and on polishing off the dish, you get a Lemonade on the house!

As easy as it sounds, the hot wings are actually very hot (no surprises there!). There’s about 6-8 wings tossed in a chilli sauce that just covers 'em like a jacket! Grab a friend and devour this delicious devil, because it’s totally worth every tear that rolls down your face courtesy the tons of spices. 

Remember how in cartoons when the character ate something too spicy, smoke would come out from their ears? This is a perfect example of the spicy wings that Social has in store for ya! These wings are all-out yummy and an (roof-of-mouth exploding) experience on their own. 

Once you’ve cleaned out the entire dish, the peeps over at Social will bring to you your well-earned Lemonade which you'll at that point be in desperate need of! 

Spice lovers, you have to give this challenge a shot - come on over if you dare!

Price | Rs 330
Where | HKV, CP, Nehru Place & Other Outlets
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/SocialOffline/