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War and the World | Watch the Chilling Play 'Men Without Shadows' Depicting the Effects of War

Wars always come with a baggage of bloodshed, inner conflict and traumatized victims; have you ever seen how people break under the pressure and how they're affected by mutiny? If you haven’t, then Men Without Shadows is a great place to start. A play set in occupied France post Second World War in 1944, it promises to be a chilling watch. 

What To Expect | The play revolves around the effects of war on people's individual humanity,  when life, purpose and human identity become a question for them and how they make decisions under pressure!

So if you've been curious about war, how it impacts people, changes their way of perceiving things and taking decisions, go watch this intriguing play.

Where | Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House
When | 27th May
Timings | 7 PM Onwards
Charges | Rs 150 - 200
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