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Wanna Own A Tiger Like Mike Tyson? Delhi Zoo's Soon Gonna Make That Possible!

Are you inspired by Mike Tyson and want to own a tiger of your own as a pet? Well then your wish has been granted! Delhi Zoo will soon launch a scheme where you can adopt a tiger and make it your pet. NICE! 

The National Zoological Park in Delhi is all set to explore schemes in order to launch an adoption option for its inmates. Several zoos across India have already launched schemes where a citizen or corporate firm can adopt an animal.

How It Works | It’s a scheme where a citizen can choose an animal and ‘adopt’ it after paying a sum fixed by the zoo authorities. The money is usually spent by the zoo to buy food, medicines and to meet other care expenses of the animal. 

In return, the person’s name is displayed on the cage and gets an adoption certificate and free entry to the zoo for a year, among other perks. Also, the adopter can celebrate birthdays of the animals in the zoo and in some cases, he also gets exemption from Income-Tax under Section 80 (g) of the Income-Tax Act. 

Sounds cool to us! So even though you won’t be able to take your pet home, you will be able to come and visit it whenever you want and celebrate it’s birthday too! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times