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Wanna Get Your Own Customized Noodle Bowl? Head To Wai Wai City Sitting In HKV

As much as we we love Wai Wai anytime and anywhere, we can’t stop gushing about the customized noodle bowl we picked out at Wai Wai city! We’re tipping our hats to Wai Wai City for making it happen. They boast an inviting noodle bar that offers patrons an amazing opportunity to customize their own Wai Wai and so we headed over and got ours!

What We Ordered | We grabbed this glorious chance to devour Wai Wai and made ourselves a delectable bowl that entailed pan fried noodles, Thai Spicy Basil sauce, lots of veggies and roasted peanuts - customized to a T! The concoction tasted super delicious and we happily stuffed our faces!

Salivating already? Drop on by for some delicious and totally customized Wai Wai all for yourself!

Price Per Bowl | Rs 129
Location | 29, Ground Floor, HKV