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Waffles Topped With Cream & Drizzled With Donuts: These Freak Waffles Are Pure Love!

Waffles are a favourite among all and whether they’re topped with classic Maple, Nutella or fruit they’re scrumptious every which way. But imagine having a stack of waffles sandwiched with cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce and donuts and what not!! Woodbox Cafe is taking freak shakes to a whole new level by introducing Freak Waffles!!

YES! As crazy as it sounds, this is available for gorging! Freak Waffles are the newest thing in town and we just can’t thank Woodbox Cafe enough to have introduced them. 

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Their version is a stack of Belgium waffles one on top of the other sandwiched between whipped cream, topped with a chocolate donut first then milk and dark chocolate sauce, chocolate straws, sprinklers, Oreos, Snickers and ice cream! WOAH! Now that’s what we call some guilty indulgence. 

Head on over and give these waffles a shot right away!! 

Where | Woodbox Cafe - Satya Niketan & GTB Nagar
Price | Rs 300 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/woodboxcafe/