There’s just something about lively, vibrant places that call out to your heart. Refreshing colours and an airy ambience just adds to the overall experience. We root for such places and have come to love this stunning place that checks all our boxes when it comes to a rounded feasting experience.

We’re talking about The Feast House in Karol Bagh and as you can tell, we’ve got a LOT to say about them. Ever since they opened their doors earlier this year, they’ve been a hot favourite with the Dilli Wallahs! We wonder where to start ‘cause we wanna tell you exactly what made us fall for this place. So, here goes!

Amping Up The Ambience

We’re seriously crushing over their spatial layout. Bifurcated into zones, no two areas here match any other. No matter your mood, you’ll find just the place to perch yourself on! Turn your #BeachModeOn at their shack area or catch up with your girlies in the garden area. You can even relive those college bunking days with your squad in their casual seating hub. No matter what your vibe is, they’ll have something to offer you!

All #FoodGoals Met

Their stellar multi-cuisine menu gets us real hungry ‘cause they boast of such extensive fare that looks good (oh yes!) and tastes ooh-la-la too! They easily cater to our *Foodie’s Heart Syndrome* at all times with dishes from around the globe making their way into their kitchen! They do all kinds of waffles, freak shakes and yum-yums like thin crust pizza, pastas, tacos, delish cold stone ice creams and so much more! *Drools*

Spreading Joy

The obvious things set aside, here’s what has gotten us really hooked to the place. They’re spreading so much of cheer around town that it warms the heart. The food is bringing people together. The ambience is inviting and people wait during weekends to enjoy their share of The Feast House’s great grub and happy vibes. We love to chill here, be it with friends or family - it’s kinda the go-to now!

We just spilled the beans for you and we hope that gives you an idea as to what makes this place so fascinating for us. How about you let us know about your experience when you visit them next? We’d love to know!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,050 
Try For Yourself | The Feast House, 1-B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh
Here’s Their FB Page |
Ring Ring |
+91 11 3959 5519