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Vintage Designs + Sustainable Fabrics & Perfect Craftsmanship - Make it Personal With Bunosilo

Bunosilo is an apparel and lifestyle label that believes in high quality and handmade products. Vintage designs combined with sustainable fibres is what makes Bunosilo stand apart!

Bunosilo’s design, quality, craftsmanship and painstaking process makes it long lasting and something that you'd want to hand down to the next generation. They use natural materials sourced locally, which makes their products comfortable, beautiful and exclusive!

Designers like Ritika Sachdeva, Teatro Dhora and Project Muzo have their jewellery line up on Bunosilo’s online store. For apparel, they've got designers like Nool, East India Dezign Co., Little Green Kids and Tia Pakhi, among others. 

Their women’s khadi shirts are priced at Rs 1,350 onwards.

To top it all, Bunosilo has a collection of comfy cushions too. So check out their webstore and indulge in some retail therapy! 

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