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Video Walls With Real-Time Arrival/Departure Status & WiFi: Old Delhi Railway Station to Get Revamped

The Old Delhi Railway Station is the oldest railway station in the national capital. With a daily footfall of about 2 lakh passengers and 252 trains, this railway station is soon to see a long-overdue revamp! It will transform into a world class heritage station in the coming years. 

The station will see the installation of Railway Display Network along the station premises, which will provide relevant information to the passengers. Large video walls will be installed which will display real time information about the trains, like the arrival timing, departure time and other passenger-related info. Advertisements and social messages like Beti Bachao, Swachh Bharat will also be prominently displayed here. 

Apart from all this, all five railway stations in Delhi will be provided with WiFi hotspots across the platforms. X-Ray machines, escalators, CCTV cameras and door frame metal detectors, they’ll all be part of the renovated station!

The Old Delhi Railway station was rebuilt in 1903, and it sure does require a new look now! 

Sourced via Sunday Guardian Live