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Vandalism-Proof, LED Backlit Signages Are Gonna Be Installed At All Metro Stations

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has started installing new signages across various metro stations simply for the convenience of its 2.7 million commuters. Right now, they’re at the Pragati Maidan and Barakhamba Road Metro Station to see how things fare out to be! 

All information will be mentioned in either Hindi or English, and will be highlighted with LED back light. These signages will be installed to guide riders to station platforms and towards the various entries/exits! These signages are better equipped to handle issues such as vandalism, tearing, writing on the body of the signage etc, as they’re made of tough aluminium extrusion with vinyl. Also, they require very little maintenance and are more durable - cool! Finally there will be no missing sign boards here and there.

Apart from bearing highlighted names of the stations, they will also bear arrows directing people to their stations. 

These signs will also display the next and previous station from the one you’re at. For example, at Barakhamba the previous station is Mandi House, so the signage has a violet line to show the interchange point. The following station is Rajiv Chowk, so there’ll be a yellow line below the existing line. Neat and convenient, don’t you think?

Sounds pretty interesting! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times